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Crystal Ball Grippie/Badge Reel Silicone Mold

Crystal Ball Grippie/Badge Reel Silicone Mold

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- Each mold is made at the time of purchase.
- Your order will be shipped wrapped with clear cellophane for protection from dust and debris
- Color of mold will vary however if there is a particular color you would like, please note that during checkout and I will do my best to accommodate your request
- Each Mold will produce a finished piece approximately 1/8” thick
- Overall mold dimensions are approximately 1/2" to 3/4” thick depending upon the design
- Phone Grippies are approximately 2" at their widest area
- Badge Reels are approximately 1.5" at their widest area
- Every mold is hand poured and trimmed.
- Minor imperfections in mold that will NOT affect finished products may occur
- Finished coaster or acrylic blank is not included in this listing
- Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks

ATTENTION!!! Do not use torch or heat on mold or epoxy within the mold as this can permanently damage the mold and or fuse the mold to the epoxy. It is recommended to us alcohol to pop bubbles as needed instead


- Purchase of this listing INCLUDES express permission to use their mold to create your own FINISHED PRODUCT for Personal OR Business use.
- Purchase of these blanks does NOT permit recreation or recasting of this mold or any items made with this mold
- Purchase of this listing does NOT permit the casting and subsequent resell of those castings as blanks
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