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Bundled Packaging and Shipping Stickers DIGITAL | png jpeg

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These files are GREAT to use whether you print your own stickers or purchase them from a company such as Stickermule. Images shown is an example of what a square sticker COULD look like. (no cut files are included so if you choose to print and cut with your cricut or silhouette machine, you will need to create/adjust that around the image yourself. Each of your .jpeg files will have a white background. This can still be used for stickers through Stickermule as they automatically create the cut area for you. On the #essential and social media files there is a white boarder with drop shadow around image. You can use your own software with this .png to add a background of your choosing but please note that the white shown in this image will be visible. Process will vary by program so please ensure if this is your intention that you are fully aware and capable of performing this action prior to purchase. There is a separate .zip file for each sticker design which has a .png and .jpeg for that particular design for a total of 5 .pngs and 5 .jpegs. If you are interested in a custom digital design featuring your branded colors and/or logo, please send me a message directly. Please note that custom services will cost more than this listing.$10 STICKERMULE CREDIT LINK: **DISCLAIMER** I also receive a $10 credit

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