Liquid Core Cups!?

I currently offer two kinds of liquid core cups and glasses; Glitter Globes and Drip Effect. 

What’s a Glitter Globe Cup?

Glitter globe tumblers are typically double-walled, insulated drinkware filled with liquid and glitter or decorative elements. They often have a sealed bottom, creating a snow globe-like effect when shaken. These tumblers are popular for their visual appeal and are commonly used for beverages like coffee or cold drinks.

Glitter globe tumblers come in various designs and sizes, often featuring colorful or themed decorations suspended in liquid between the walls. Some have glitter, sequins, or even small decorative shapes that move around when the tumbler is shaken. The liquid inside is usually clear or tinted to enhance the visual effect. These tumblers are stylish and have gained popularity as trendy and eye-catching accessories. 

The swirling glitter or decorative elements create an entertaining and dynamic display.


What’s a Drip Effect Cup?

A Drip Effect cup is a drinkware item inspired by the iconic lava lamps from the 1960s. These cups typically have a design that mimics the mesmerizing movement of lava inside the lamp. They often feature colorful, translucent or opaque liquids that move around when the cup is tilted or shaken, resembling the flowing motion of lava.

Similar to glitter globe tumblers, Drip Effect cups are designed to be visually appealing and can add a playful and retro touch to your beverage experience. The liquid inside wI’ll settle over time and we recommend storing them upside down in your cabinets to allow for maximum effect during use.